WYSIWYG editor

I’ve just updated this instance to the wysiwyg branch of WriteFreely, where we have a new what you see is what you get editor to choose from. Work on this editor is in progress on #383.

I’m now writing with that editor. (You can view the raw output here.)

It’s built on ProseMirror, and gives you a more classic writing experience while converting everything to Markdown (as WriteFreely understands) behind the scenes.

It also auto-saves, just like any other standard editor that comes with WF. I’ve refreshed the page a few times (saving everything to the clipboard first) and it’s always sucessfully loaded. This is the most basic requirement for our editors, so that’s great!

Some issues

It does seem to insert magic quotes in the editor ( instead of “), which is not what we want — that happens automatically on the rendering side, which is good (it seems to do it for em-dashes too).

I’m not sure if our shortcodes will work, like <!—more—> — especially with the auto-em-dash stuff.

Also, the scroll bar is right next to the text instead of outside the text area padding, which is un-ideal, but fine.

Poetry\ probably\ b r e a k s\ (It doesn’t completely! But the spaces before “breaks” gets removed when going back into the editor to update the post.)

Ctrl+K should add a link to the selected text. Also “Target” in that modal is confusing even to me. Hopefully we can fix that.

The editor doesn’t render HTML.

The editor inserts a backslash on the following before the first # symbol, preventing the hashtag from activating.

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