Process for my pull requests

Many of the changes I make are small, quick fixes in response to users — some recent cases are #137 Prevent transliterated slugs exceeding length limit and #138 Don't consider post unpublished when title exists.

They're often quick fixes, taking no more than 10 minutes to fix. I usually deploy them on once they're done and I've verified the fix. I know the software well enough to feel confident deploying new code so quickly, but of course, there are always blind spots.

So I'm going to start making these small changes with pull requests, instead of committing directly to develop. This puts them on the same field as everyone else, and gives everyone visibility into what's going into the codebase (remember, you can watch the GitHub repo to get these notifications, or follow in the fediverse).

This is the main reason I'd like to do it this way — to notify everyone and provide a comment period, rather than a formal code review like we do with larger features.

I'm going to leave these pull requests open for a week, and then merge if no one brings up any issues. If it turns out that the change caused some kind of regression, etc., we can fix it and reference the original pull request.